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Sell your designs with us!


Finally, a way that can you make extra, automated income that is;
  • without risk,
  • that can be run in any country
  • where you can offer something that no-one else has or does,
  • with access to over 1000 unique and trendy products to customise,
  • at lower prices
  • to sell for as much as you want (choose your own profits),
  • shipped worldwide to your customer directly by us,
  • where you need no stock to buy,
  • no equipment/premises to buy or lease,
  • is completely automated, with
  • no shipping to do,
  • no order handling to do,
  • no hassles!

Why do business with us?

  1. Our eCommerce platform has been tried, tested and perfected for over 6 years - and now it is available for you!
  2. Hi-tech facility processing over 1000 orders per day
  3. Latest printing technologies
  4. Top quality products at great prices
  5. Better quality for your money
  6. No upfront costs, save $10,000's compared to traditional methods
  7. Not limited to any country - we have international shipping and currencies
  8. Unique and revolutionary system for stay-at-home-mums, photography studios, professional printers, clothing stores, and more

How much does it cost to own a store?

Nothing. Opening store is 100% free. No start-up fee, no hidden fees, no inventory costs, shipping costs or ongoing costs of any kind. 

How can I earn money?

Your earning potential is truly unlimited. Most of our store owners receive substantial income! 

Money is generated when you set your price above our low wholesale prices. The price difference (minus any markup surcharge) is your income - so you can profit as much as you want!

How do I get paid?

We send you the profits by on 1st week of each month whenever your balance is at least US$25.

Are there ads on my store?


Can I use my own Google Adsense ads?

Yes, you can use any ads and keep 100% of the profits.

Can I buy at wholesale from my own store?

At checkout you will pay the full price, but your profit above wholesale will be available to you at payday, so you get your markup back!

How long does it take to setup a store?

Just a few minutes with our Quick Add product feature. Turn your designs into merchandise in just a few steps. All you need to do is upload your design, choose the products you want to sell, and set your prices. Your store will be filled automatically from there.

Where do customers find my store?

Your store will be hosted for free on our subdomain, eg.
We take care of the hosting and orders etc., - promoting your store is your part!

How do I set up a store?

It's really easy.

  1. Click here to fill in the store details (you’ll be asked to register if you haven’t already)
  2. Click Add Products to choose what products you want your image to go on.

Your store will be populated based on your selection, and you can adjust the image later. Start with 1 product and image to get the hang of it first.

If you want to make orders for your customers, simply get them to email their image to you and do step 2 for them. If you are a retail store or collected the money first, you can use your own paypal account to pay for the order and send it to your customers address. You'll get your profit back on pay day.

Start Selling!

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$5.00 - $10.00
$20.00 - $50.00
$100.00 - $200.00

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